There are many reasons why New Zealand should change its flag. However one of the most singularly important ones is the opportunity cost. If and when we change our flag there will be a huge surge in our national unity and identity, every day that we delay increases the gap between where we are now and where we could have been.

In today's world of globalisation, New Zealand needs to be playing at the top of its game, to compete in the global marketplace.
Any force that encourages unity, growth and national pride will pay dividends in the future at every level of our society.

Many people cloud the issue of changing our flag with becoming
a republic, these are two completely separate issues, and one should not influence the other. New NZ Flag is solely focused on promoting
a change in our flag to something that more accurately represents New Zealand as a nation at home and abroad.

New NZ Flag is in favour of a referendum to change our flag. We encourage you to visit to read more about the debate for change. Additionally you can register your interest, if you would like to play a part in the referendum.

Lastly we should all be asking ourselves... Will there ever be a better time than now to change our flag.